Ainthinai the Green wing of CTC was set up in 2012 with a centralized aim on creating a sustainable environment for the future. Nature conservation events like Tree Plantations and Maintenance, Clean ups at water bodies, Organic and Terrace Farming workshops on waste management and plastic free lifestyle form an integral part of Ainthinai.
Ainthinai has the habit of taking care of the budding trees. Maintenance activities will be organised for approximately one year. As a result of these maintenance activities ...[..]

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Words from Volunteers

"From a rookie volunteer I hope I have turned out to be somewhat experienced volunteer in sapling, learnt some techniques about creating bunds, placing the mulching, manures, watering and also details about the pit creation according to the sapling size( learnt from the forest officials), in this process they also got their hands dirt and involved along with us. Superb it was. More than that I felt self satisfied by engaging myself with Ainthinai and team. I would like to engage myself with CTC Ainthinai on a longer run.. Kudos!! I would like to just stepping out to save our mother nature and to create a green environment"


Volunteer, CTC

"When I first work with Ainthinai I thought that, this also one among the groups and their work is to plant the saplings. As days passed by I realize that simply planting a sapling means giving a birth to a child, but Planting and maintenance is like raising a good citizen in the challenging society. "While carrying the sapling with our hands we should carry it like an infant", this is one among the lessons I learned. Shortly when I see all the core volunteers of Ainthinai, I always look at them like they are aliens, who cares our mother EARTH the most.??????"


Volunteer, CTC

"Came to know about Ainthinai after starting to following CTC. Lovely green wing, selfless souls who work in IT companies on weekdays and spend valuable Time/efforts to protect environment and create the best for our children. Coming to event's organized by Ainthinai.. Not easy to organize weekend activities which involves lots of planning/permission,etc.. Core Team work very hard behind which is less know to many. All volunteers are the leaders and the show runs very successfully!"


Volunteer, CTC

"Ainthinai does not do things blindly, it has good backup of knowledge about wide varity of trees, it involve plantation of native trees, it promotes new ideas for plantations, it has untiring efforts from various organizers in organizing events keeping like minded people always engaged which is the biggest positive thing in Ainthinai. Participating in every Ainthinai events is a learning process for me. Every event gives me a new learning and help me get connected with new volunteers who have wonderful thoughts to acquire and develop. Ainthinai motivates me a lot and gives a different perspective towards living as a socially active, forward, responsible person. Thank you Ainthinai ! I am glad to be a part of it in my life time."


Volunteer, CTC
Nishitha. I

We all know the significance of afforestation… SAPians had a chance to plant saplings on ‘Green Day’. We planted around 1000+ saplings. There were more than 300volunteers who made the day possible. The weather was pleasant as it helped us to make our plans possible. We had immense satisfaction and a great joy in planting the saplings. We should continue todo the same for the rest of our lives so that the upcoming generations wll be benefitted and the world becomes a better place to live.

Nishitha. I

Nishitha. I, India

SAP, Anna University

Green day is one of my unforgetable days in my life. Me and my friends planted nearly 1000 saplings. It was an amazing experience to me. It was my first experience ever to work with so many unknown people . They helped each other without even knowing them. They guided us how to plant saplings in a correct manner. I had planted nearly 10 saplings in a proper manner. Then I was putting mulch for many saplings. Our instructor taught me more on how to plant saplings in a correct way. There were different variety of saplings. Some plants (peepal tree) gives oxygen during both day and night. I work under a team called Arasan. It was a different experience to me and I learned lot from this experience and also had lot of fun.


Selvambigai, India

Kiruthika sri.S

Green day, it was really a green day for me. An unforgettable moment, especially I enjoyed a lot on that day. Planting 1000+ rare trees in a day is a very big thing. I Planted some sapling in my home with my family .But it was a nice experience to plant saplings with my friends and some strangers. Even they became friends to us. And we had good interaction with them .The most important thing is that I was very proud to be a part of green day. When I was planted sapling in my home I used to do a simple steps for plantation. But here they taught a big process to plant a single sapling. I came there with a mind of boring but it became an amazing day to me. There we made some fun and I really enjoyed it a lot. On that day we planted many saplings. The main thing is that there were rare varieties of plants.

Kiruthika sri.S

Kiruthika sri.S, India

Joy sahaya varshini.J

Green day was the unique day in my life and a different experience to me. My first experience to help my unknown neighbours was on that day in plantation. It was my first sapling to be planted in a proper way .I felt myself very proud that myself and my friends saved our future a little. Firstly we gathered at Mampakkam. Instructions were given to us in groups. Then we started our work. I worked with an unknown person. She taught me more about plants. Especially there were rare variety of trees . I loved the way the volunteers guided us and helped us . I planted nearly 6 saplings. Then I helped in putting mulch for all the plants in a correct way. It was a wonderful experience that we spent beautiful greenday with nearly 300+ strangers. It was loaded with lots of fun and happiness. It is one of the unforgettable days in my life.

Joy sahaya varshini.J

Joy sahaya varshini.J, India

Sowmya G

It was an unique experience and we had lots of fun and most importantly we now know how to properly plant a sapling, which many of us were unaware of previously. It was a beautiful experience to try and save the dying reserved forest areas which also creates a greater impact on the environment.

Sowmya G

Sowmya G, India

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